Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alzheimer's Walk....

Mike and Linda and Beth spent Saturday morning at the Seattle Center and particiated in the Alzheimer Walk, fund raiser. Our team raised over $2000.00,very exciting.

1 in every 12 Americans will suffer from Alzheimer's. America spent over $148 Billion dollars on Alzheimer
related issues last year.
Beth and Linda fueling up for the Alzheimer Walk

Don't give up now you are almost finished.

AWWWW finally finished.

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  1. looks like you had a successful walk-a-thon. we would have done better at the food table than the walk (sensitive hips)if we had been there. made a comment on matt & jackie's section. hope i got on this site ok. have been to leavenworth. sharon has a cousin there. i thought it was a beautiful place. will have to go rafting when we come up,hopefully next year. take care. love ya,
    charles & sharon