Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Prayer

Dear God,

As we gather around this table
Full of love, a meal and life
To give thanks for what we have-
To enjoy the company of
Those we are with-

Remember those who can't be
Home today, who are off
Somewhere and far away

Guide those who are lost-
Help those who are pained-
And those who are in your world
Keep them safe in your grace

Please watch over us as we
Come together on this Holiday
And everyday hereafter

Bless the paths we choose
The lives we nurture
The families we create and
The friends that we make

Dearest God, In Your Name-


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Payton Alene 3lbs 14ozs

Payton is growing fast. She is already 4lbs 4ozs and we haven't gotten a photo yet. Doing very well.

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Mike and Linda at the end of the tunnel

We did a 17 mile bike ride....yes, we really did it. The old Hyawatha Trail. Used to be the railroad tracks for the train from Chicago to Seattle. It was all down hill so we didn't have to pedal too much. The 2 mile long tunnel was a challenge. Carol hit the wall and Linda quit and walked it.
Overall it was a great time.


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The view from the end of the tunnel.