Saturday, March 13, 2010

The art of Jennifer Lommers.....

Check out the art of Jennifer Lommers. A northwest artist. Beautiful work.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Favorite. by Scott Joplin

The video is about three minutes. Well worth your time to enjoy.

Oh Great...Now my favorite is "The Favorite".....:o)

Scott Joplin playlist:

Cory Hall says......
This is a great but elusive rag. I spent a long time experimenting with different tempos and thought I liked it best a little slower. But a couple weeks went by and I finally decided I like it better faster. I add elaborations in the RH in the repeats and use my usual octave higher and lower technique. I also add a run of 16ths in the LH on the repeat of the B section.

If played as written and at a slower tempo, this is actually one of Joplin's least difficult rags; however, all these additions turn it into a difficult piece. I think it is the only rag other than Magnetic Rag to have a section in a minor key, as the B section is in G minor. I love this rag!

I agree with Cory....I love this rag!!!