Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vintage Bird Book amansworld

This guy has a great shop of -man- things and a really fun blog.
Check it out......

What kind of bird is that Mommy and Daddy? Well my child, I just don't know. I could have known if I would have bought The Bird Guide by Chester Reed from A Man's World. If I had that son, I'd tell you - but I don't...

Don't let that be the conversation between you and your child. Be on top of the Bird World and know a Parrot from a Bluebird.

This book was copyrighted in the early 1900's. Two different dates are printed (1906,1910) On the first page with printing on it, under the publisher's name (Doubleday, Page & Company), is the date of 1921. I believe this is the publishing date for this book. The binding is loose but the pages are nice and not very worn down. It has a cardboard outer case for the book. It has imitation leather as the cover of the book.

OH missed out..we bought the book. This will be a great Christmas gift for a friend of ours.

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