Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Right Now..........

Painting by Darrel Hill

Consider this : right now is always the best moment of your life.

Learn from and laugh about the past, build and dream for the future, but live now. Be fully in the present. Extract every bit of nowness surrounding you and absorb it into your cells. With every experience, every thought, and every feeling, more of who you are emerges.

You are doing something, thinking something, feeling something right now – good, bad, cheesy, brilliant, joyful, painful, dull, thrilling, or a million other possibilities. And, it is wonderful. You will never have a moment exactly like this one again. That’s wonderful, too.

Being in the now makes it easier to handle anything, regret nothing, and love life and everyone and everything in it in all its wonderful, endearing imperfection. Nothing is overwhelming, insurmountable, or unforgivable when it is considered in moment-sized parcels. Conversely, the tsunami of joy that can surge through your soul in a single moment defies reason. It’s a beautifully imbalanced equation.

Right now is always the best moment of your life.

This is from: http://madmusingsblog.blogspot.com/

This is so true. My boss ....a really nice man and his wife....a wonderful gal are

very special folks. Yesterday she noticed her eyes seemed yellow....went to the doctor

and has to go in for pancreatic cancer surgery next week. Right now really is the best

moment of your life......enjoy it for all that it is........................................