Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Party...from CountryLiving

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas
You've gone to the farm and picked out the best of the bunch. Now, check out our favorite ideas for carving, decorating and displaying your prized pumpkin this Halloween.
Pumpkin Party

Start a tradition by hosting a pumpkin carving party for your friends and family. Here are some tips to keep your gathering safe and fun:
• Provide art supplies, such as water-based paint, glue sticks, and glitter, for kids to use on their pumpkins
• When all the work is done, display the jack-o'-lanterns on the front porch for an informal judging
• Let adults light the masterpieces with fireplace matches

At the Pumpkin Patch

Katie, Gramme and Poppa spent an hour at the pumpkin patch with Maicey. It was several acres of pumpkins of every kind and color...white pumpkins/yellow and white striped pumpkins/red pumpkins and of course the good ole orange pumpkins. They had all kinds of crazy gourds and squash too. There was a corn maze and sunflowers and lot's of big ole black crows everywhere. We all had a great time and bought a carload of pumpkins.

A beautiful large red sunflower.
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Maicey was a bit overwhelmed with all of the pumpkins
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Who is that little pumpkin in pink???????
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Gramme and Poppa had fun at the pumpkin patch too...............
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Katie and Maicey in the middle of a corn field.
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Maicey was a little overwhelmed with all of the pumpkins/flowers/zucchini's etc. Poppa kept sticking her in all kinds of places to take a picture. She'll probably be afraid of pumpkins and sunflowers when she grows up.... :o)
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Katie and Gramme picked sooooo many pumpkins people thought they must be decorating the town. Katie has pumpkins all over her house and we have a porch full of pumpkins and gourds too. Katie and Dax even went back and bought corn stalks. I wonder where Katie got that decorating bug????
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