Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Funky Chartreuse Vase

Now this is a one of a Station1528

Chartreuse and Blue - Funky Vase - 8" tall

I don't think you will find a vase
like this one - anywhere else in the world.

This funky little vase is handbuilt
by me. I poured the vessel part in my custom
mold. Once the vessel portion of the vase
was leather hard I built the flower.
What kind of flower is that? Good question.
I think it was suppose to be a sunflower with
the cone center.

The day I glazed-- the chartreuse glaze jumped
into my hand and that is how it got that
funky color. Sometimes the colors are
beyond explanation......

Actually I kind of like this unusual and
OOAK vase. I know you will enjoy it in
your home also.

Any comments or questions let me know. Yes,
I realize that chartreuse is a very LOUD color.

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