Saturday, September 19, 2009

New from Patty Baker....

WOW...this just makes you smile.

Lookout Studio on ETSY....artist Patty Baker....

Friday, September 18, 2009

Going to the dog park.....

On the way to Magnuson Park, off leash dog park in Seattle. Sinatra, Sierra and Molly keep an eye on Maicey as they wait to get to the park. Everyone was very excited. Maicey was asleep, again......
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Picking up the poop bags.....everybody used them>>OF COURSE.

Everybody got to swim..It was so much fun. Everyone is exhausted now.
It was a perfect day for dogs to go swimming in Lake Washington......LUCKY DOGS.....

Maicey goes for ribs...

Maicey had BBQ ribs at Caspers in Seattle, that is Lake Washington in the background. Ribs, cornbread, fried okra and
banana pudding. It was delicious.....
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Blue Sky Pottery

Blue Sky Pottery Handmade Pottery by Deb Babcock
One of our favorite potters on Etsy.

Vanilla Tears....

This stunning piece is as decorative as it is functional. Place it on a bookshelf, fireplace mantel, or special niche in your home for added interest...and/or use it for storage. The jar will hold 72 oz or around 9 cups of cookies, rice, pasta, flour, sugar, or anything else you wish to store.

If you like vases with lots of color and texture, this one is for you.

Need an accent piece for a corner, shelf, countertop, bookcase or fireplace mantel? This unique and stunning lidded jar might be just the perfect thing. It's also a wonderful storage jar for cookies, pasta, anything!

Pet portrait 16x20 Custom Painting Of Your Pet

By dogartstudio.....

Found this today on Etsy. What a great painting. Maicey has a great dane that looks just like this one. The painting is so typical, Sinatra wants to just lay by your feet and look at you all day, he would sit in your lap if he could. Had to laugh one day when he tried to curl up and sleep in the cat's bed.... Fantastic work by Ron Krajewski,the artist.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunflower Painting...first steps

This is the beginning of a large painting for Katie's living room.The painting is 48x48. That is a challenge in itself. Such a large canvas is difficult to handle and to get a proper perspective. I have to go outside to get a look at the overall painting. This is the first phase....I painted the entire canvas orange to start and I will proceed from there.

STAY TUNED........ I'll post photo's as we go...

Step 2

Step #3

Maicey comes to visit....

When Maicey arrives everthing stops and we just look at her.....

We went to the art store as Katie wanted a new painting for her living room. We bought a 48x48 canvas. She wants a sunflower painting---that ought to keep Poppa busy for a while. Almost didn't have room for Maicey to fit in the car with that big canvas. Notice Maicey slept thru the whole thing......

Maicey and Katie are visiting for a couple of days while Dax is out of town.

Vintage Bird Book amansworld

This guy has a great shop of -man- things and a really fun blog.
Check it out......

What kind of bird is that Mommy and Daddy? Well my child, I just don't know. I could have known if I would have bought The Bird Guide by Chester Reed from A Man's World. If I had that son, I'd tell you - but I don't...

Don't let that be the conversation between you and your child. Be on top of the Bird World and know a Parrot from a Bluebird.

This book was copyrighted in the early 1900's. Two different dates are printed (1906,1910) On the first page with printing on it, under the publisher's name (Doubleday, Page & Company), is the date of 1921. I believe this is the publishing date for this book. The binding is loose but the pages are nice and not very worn down. It has a cardboard outer case for the book. It has imitation leather as the cover of the book.

OH missed out..we bought the book. This will be a great Christmas gift for a friend of ours.

Beetle Ring aquakej

Wow--a ring made from a beetle. This is unique. I don't believe I've every seen a ring made from a real beetle. It is beautiful.....

This ring features an antique silver lace/filigree design, set with a blue beetle that has a mirror-like shiny natural finish. I got this speciman as part of a mixed package, so I'm not certain exactly what species this is or what it's worth, but it looks valuble to me.
Best seen in person, this is a wonderful speciman to wear around, because it changes color slightly in different lighting situations. It is especially brilliant in the sun!

This Victorian-style ring setting protects the beetle nicely, and measures about 20mm from top to bottom. It has a nicely decorated adjustable band that will easily fit ring sizes from 5 to 8 or 9. It's currently adjusted to a size 7. The beetle itself measures about 15mm from top to bottom.

Funky Chartreuse Vase

Now this is a one of a Station1528

Chartreuse and Blue - Funky Vase - 8" tall

I don't think you will find a vase
like this one - anywhere else in the world.

This funky little vase is handbuilt
by me. I poured the vessel part in my custom
mold. Once the vessel portion of the vase
was leather hard I built the flower.
What kind of flower is that? Good question.
I think it was suppose to be a sunflower with
the cone center.

The day I glazed-- the chartreuse glaze jumped
into my hand and that is how it got that
funky color. Sometimes the colors are
beyond explanation......

Actually I kind of like this unusual and
OOAK vase. I know you will enjoy it in
your home also.

Any comments or questions let me know. Yes,
I realize that chartreuse is a very LOUD color.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This is a great website and catalog for decorating cakes and cookies.
Check it out....they have everything you need.

Glamour and Snuggies????


Though the Snuggie infomercial has been parodied widely on television and the Internet, the company saw a marketing opportunity and took it. "People just took it to the next level, and we decided to go with them," said Linda Hotz of the Allstar Marketing Group, the company that makes the Snuggie.

Photos: Sacha Baron Cohen's Outrageous Brüno Promotions

Frieda meloearth

We purchased this ACEO of Frieda Kahlo from meloearth on Etsy. ACEOs are a great way to have original art at an affordable price.

The real Frieda Kahlo......

Frida Kahlo (born Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón;[2] July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954) was an internationally popular Mexican painter.[3] She painted using vibrant colors in a style that was influenced by indigenous cultures of Mexico and European influences including Realism, Symbolism, and Surrealism. Many of her works are self-portraits that symbolically articulate her own pain and sexuality. Kahlo was married to Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

Howdy Doody Time...

Howdy Doody is the first TV show I remember seeing.
No one we knew had a TV; and then one day my Dad came
home with a big black box/put up a big tall stand
outside of the house and fixed a TV antenna to the top.
Bingo we had TV. I think there was only one channel and
it was only on during certain times of the day. The rest
of the time there was a test pattern on the screen.......YIKES>>>>>>>>>
I remember setting in front of the TV (part of the Peanut Gallery) and singing
I could possibly sing.......

The Howdy Doody Show was one of the first and easily the most popular children's television show in the 1950s.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rooin' in the Rain by AcmeCouture

Fall is coming and the raincoats will come in handy. Love that look on the doggie in the red raincoat.....Jasper and Lily

Perfect for walks on those rainy days, this raincoat will be custom-made for your dog. You can select either LIGHTWEIGHT (two layers of ripstop nylon) or MEDIUM-WEIGHT (nylon outer with Polartec(TM) Wind Pro fabric to block 4x the wind of a traditional fleece fabric.)
Your doggie's coat will be custom made to his/her measurements. When ordering, please send me the following info: breed, sex, weight, body length from nape of neck (where the neck meets the body) to base of tail (where the tail meets the body), neck girth, chest girth. If you need help measuring, please contact me.

No sale is final until your doggie and you are satisfied!

During September I will donate 15% of the sale price of each raincoat to Greyhound Rescue of New England, by AcmeCouture

Blood Red Web... by ShimmeringSky

Dress Up Your Wall, Shelf or Desk for Halloween
5 X 7 Digital Fine Art Photoartist
by ShimmeringSky

Late one evening, I came upon an industrious spider, decorating her intricately spun web with dewdrops tinted blood red. Even spiders like to decorate for Halloween, she said....

Actually, it was a litte digital 'witchery' that helped me create this unique print for Halloween, but since I like spiders, I prefer to think of their webs not just for catching lunch, but as a home they like to personalize.
This 5" X 7" print is available in various sizes. Please see more details below, and Happy Halloween!

There is also a great t-shirt with this web....

Skateboarding Dog

Our favorite tv commercial right now is the one where the husband and wife are watching TV and the guy yell's "Knock it off Charlie, I told you to take the it outside", then the bulldog rolls up on the skateboard and goes outside. Makes us laugh everytime.....

Coraline Style Pumpkin Plush

Pumpkin by ETSY artist ---- Vintagepixie5

We think the button eyes and uneven stitched mouth give this pumpkin a unique sense of character. This would be a fun item to have in your Halloween decorations.
Check it out on ETSY at the shop of Vintagepixie5.......

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alzheimer's Walk....

Mike and Linda and Beth spent Saturday morning at the Seattle Center and particiated in the Alzheimer Walk, fund raiser. Our team raised over $2000.00,very exciting.

1 in every 12 Americans will suffer from Alzheimer's. America spent over $148 Billion dollars on Alzheimer
related issues last year.
Beth and Linda fueling up for the Alzheimer Walk

Don't give up now you are almost finished.

AWWWW finally finished.