Thursday, September 10, 2009

Matt and Jackie go fishing.

The chinook salmon is blue-green on the back and top of the head with silvery sides and white ventral surfaces. It has black spots on its tail and the upper half of its body; its mouth is dark gray. Adult fish range in size from 33 to 36 inches (840 to 910 mm), but may be up to 58 inches (1.47 meters) in length; they average 10 to 50 pounds (4.54 to 22.7 kg), but may reach 130 pounds (59 kg). The current sport caught World Record is 97 pounds 4 ounces (44.1 kg) and was caught in May 1985

Matt and Jackie joined in the Salmon Fishing Derby in the south sound.
Both landed large 18+ pound King Salmon.


  1. We're from Whidbey, and had awesome fresh salmon this last weekend that my hubby caught. Great shots! You go girl!

  2. that looks like some wonderful fishing! I may have to put salmon fishing in the Sound on my bucket list! (along with visiting the beautiful state of Washington!)

  3. great catch! looks like Texas size sardiness to me, haha only an aunt sharon & uncle charles would say something like that. you guys are looking great. anxious to see you, maybe next year.

    charles & sharon