Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going to the Sun

Avalanche Shute ....better know as a bear refrigerator. After the avalanche of snow any animals in the way are frozen and in the spring when it thaws out the bears are waking up from hibernation and go check out the avalance shute for snacks.....

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Mike/Linda/Carol at the Sun. The mountain behind us is call Sun Mountain. That is why the road in Glacier Park is called Going to the Sun.....makes sense....right.

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This is the view out the window on the Red Bus trip going to the sun. The road was very very narrow and it was a long long long long way down. The road was literally carved out of the side of the mountain. This valley was carved by a glacier 100,000 years ago. There are actually only 10 glacier left in the park. To be a glacier the snow must be 100 + feet thick, the glacier must be 125+ acres in area or larger and it must be moving. They figure there will be no glacier left in the park by 2020. Needless to say the scenery was spectacular in the par.

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