Thursday, December 24, 2009 Ernesto Nazareth...

Watch this's only about a minute long.
I don't think you will see this on Dancing with the Stars.

Nazareth was a famous composer from Brazil. His music was international and often
thought to be Parisian but only because it was performed so widely in Paris.
This little clip is Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (I know you thought that was Linda and Mike) performing a tango called The Maxixe. Maxixe (pronounced Ma-chee-ch)

Ernesto Nazareth (1863-1934) was born and lived throughout his life in Rio de Janeiro. Raised in a modest home, he began piano lessons with his mother and then studied with family friends Eduardo Madeira and Lucien Lambert. His unusual talents were recognized at an early age when, at fourteen, his first piano composition, the polka-lunda Voce bem sabe was published.

During this time musical life in Brazil was a rich tapestry of imported European art music and indigenous folk music performed by the chorinhos. The chorinhos were serenading bands who played a variety of string and wind instruments including guitar, mandolin and ukelele, flute and clarinet. These street musicians improvised on traditional Brazilian folks melodies and rhythms very often flavored with “blues-like” tunes known as choros. For Nazareth, these musical currents were among the ideas which charged his own imagination at the keyboard.

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  1. Hi you two! Love this video, Ginger is good, but Fred is absolutely fabulous! Have a wonderful Christmas!